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Did you know . . . 
You can turn your tax dollars into scholarships for students here at Quality Interactive Montessori!
Please consider turning your Arizona state tax liability into a scholarship by donating to Arizona Tuition Connection.  If you are able to donate, please be sure to indicate Quality Interactive Montessori on the donation form. 
This really is a win-win for everyone involved!
Credit limits for 2017 

The maximum a single can take as a credit in 2017 is $1,089.00. 

 A married couple filing jointly can take a maximum of $2,177.00 as a credit on their 2017 state taxes. 

Would you please consider doing this for our school?
Just like that!  
You can use your state tax dollars to create scholarships.
Arizona allows you to turn your state taxes into tuition scholarships for kids in private schools.  100 % of this contribution can be taken as a TAX CREDIT against your Arizona state taxes.  We have included a short video to help show you how easy it is.

Arizona Tuition Connection
We'd love to discuss this opportunity with you.  
Please contact us with any questions at: